Hurricane Florence: Satellite video shows scale of the storm from space

Hurricane Florence: Satellite video shows scale of the storm from space

The last few days have seen Hurricane Florence wreak havoc across the southeast coast of the USA.

Not only has the storm caused extreme floods, killed victims and even splintered buildings, it continues to concern meteorologists, who have described the slow-moving hurricane as an “uninvited brute.”

Its 90mph winds have caused devastating consequences and widespread power outages, leading emergency services to advise residents to stay at home.

It's difficult to truly imagine the scale of the brutal storm, but this video recently released by NASA shows just how enormous the hurricane is.

A video description explains that the footage captured the moments after the storm made landfall at a North Carolina beach; an astronaut, Ricky Arnold, also shared the breathtaking view from his orbiting outpost in a tweet which has quickly garnered thousands of likes.

The National Hurricane Centre has outlined Florence's flight path; it is expected to move slowly southwest, dumping potentially record-breaking quantities of rain as it travels.

Meanwhile evacuation centres are springing up across North and South Carolina to shelter those forced out of their homes by the hurricane. In a statement issued to NPR, Governor Roy Cooper estimated that 20,000 residents had been dispersed across 157 centres.

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