You can always be guaranteed that during a major storm in the US, a weatherman will put himself in harm's way to bring the viewers the best possible coverage. And Hurricane Michael is no exception.

In September, MSNBC's Gadi Schwartz was risking life and limb in Hurricane Florence. Now, Jim Cantore has had a near brush with death in his efforts to cover the storm from Panama City Beach, Florida.

Footage of Cantore, who works for The Weather Channel, has gone viral as he can be seen running for his life as he reports on the storm on a beach while a 2 x 4 piece of wood flies in his direction.

Yikes! You've gotta admire these metrologists. Their commitment to their job goes above the line of logical reason.

Surely they could just present their report from a nearby window. We believe you that there is a storm happening outside.

Anyway, Cantore was clearly unfazed by his potential near-death experience, and ran back out into the storm, this time equipped with a helmet, just in case another chunk of wood flew in his direction.

Amazingly, the helmet already has it's own Twitter account.

Unfortunately, thanks to a video of a weatherman appearing to fake the intensity of Hurricane Florence, these type of clips are now being greeted with great scepticism online with more than a few folks saying that someone threw the 2 x 4 at Cantore.

Regardless of whether this moment was fake or not, Hurricane Michael is already proving to be a catastrophic storm with Florida, Alabama and Georgia bearing the brunt of it in the US, where two people have died.

Thirteen people died when the hurricane ripped through the Central Americans nations of Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua respectively.

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