Donald Trump is known for lots of things. But empathy and humanity certainly aren't two of them.

Now, footage taken on Wednesday by MSNBC shows Trump telling survivors of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina to 'have a good time'... yes, you read that correctly.

The president remained extremely upbeat as he visited survivors in the hard-hit New Bern area, despite the fact that the death toll from the hurricane has risen to at least 37.

As he handed out a meal of hot dogs, chips and fruit to a man in the area, he commented:

Got it? Have a good time.

Erm, excuse us!?

The comment then prompts an off screen MSNBC reporter to say off camera:

I think he just said, ‘Have a good time.'

Hurricanes seem to bring out the worst in Donald Trump, as he's made a series of blunders while making visits to survivors.

In 2017, footage emerged of Trump casually throwing paper towels into a crowd of people seeking relief from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Incredibly, this isn't even the first time that Trump has made the 'have a good time' gaffe. During a visit to Houston last year to meet survivors of Hurricane Harvey, Trump made the exact same comment.

As he was leaving an emergency shelter, he shouted out to the crowd:

Have a good time, everybody!

This latest blunder has unsurprisingly caused outrage on Twitter.

HT New York Post

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