Ice cream parlour receives 1000s of job applications after raising wages to $15-an-hour

Ice cream parlour receives 1000s of job applications after raising wages to $15-an-hour
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The coronavirus pandemic has created a huge problem in the service industry in the United States as many employers are struggling to find people to work for them.

Many fast-food chains have been unable to open up again as many feel that they are better off with the federal payments which at the moment are more financially beneficial when compared to the minimum wage currently on offer by many.

However, an ice cream parlour in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is changing that trend by raising their minimum wage from $7.25 to $15-an-hour after they also struggled to find staff.

After announcing the rais Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlour, which opened in 1923 received more than 1,000 job applications overnight.

Speaking to WPXI-TV, general manager Maya Johnson said: “We advertised it and overnight, my emails were through the roof. A lot of emails. It was over 1,000 applicants. People were not showing up to their interviews. We really needed to make that boost for the summertime.”

Johnson added that the response was so high that she was having to do on the spot interviews with any that applied in-store. The parlour like many businesses had been advertising for staff but candidates had reportedly not been showing up for their interviews.

The Daily Mail reports that the store has since employed 16 new members of staff who they needed for the summer season.

It has been reported that around 9.7 million people are currently claiming some form of unemployment benefit. However, despite pressure from Republicans, president Joe Biden claimed that people are looking for work but just can’t get the jobs and that more money will have to be spent to help them.

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