People were asked to guess who was a sex worker from a group of strangers. The results were unexpected


A new video from Cut proves once again that you should never judge someone by their appearance.

Five people were gathered and asked to guess which strangers surrounding them were sex workers and which weren't.

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The guessers were allowed to take each person out individually and asked them a few questions.

The first man was immediately dismissed as not being a sex worker because of his shoes.

"You look like a construction worker," the video's subject says.

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All five, interestingly, said he wasn't a sex worker.

But he is.

“I wouldn't guess me either” the man explains. "I'm on the internet, on webcam”.

A second man is asked to take his shirt off. All but one of the guessers say he isn't a sex worker.

But, it turns out, he's a porn star.

I do straight porn, me and a girl, me and multiple girls.

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The next guy is asked to eat a banana and made to dance. Two out of five think he is a sex worker.

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He isn't.

The five also talk to a 58-year old woman, and ask for a demonstration of her spanking skills.

"She seems too nice," one says. "I'm not feeling that vibe," says another.

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But it tuns out she's an escort, and has been since she hit 50.

“I like this job better than any other job I've had," she explains.

Another woman is asked to eat a banana - one person reasons:

I'm not getting, like, sex vixen vibes. She could be a cashier or a waitress.

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But, in fact, she does hardcore porn, and says, "It's really emotionally and physical draining, but it can be fun”.

The next woman mentions her husband and is dismissed on this basis.

“Don’t you think sex workers have partners or families or lives?” she asks.

Picture:Picture: YouTube / WatchCut Video 

But - she is in fact a dominatrix,

Mostly dominating straight men who like control too much and want to lose control.

Here's the full video:

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