The map of the world's most ignorant countries


You ignorant lot.

True wisdom is to know oneself.

A new survey by Ipsos MORI has yielded some interesting results about how the world's countries see themselves.

For one thing, almost everyone in Europe over estimates the percentage of Muslims that make up their respective populations.

Furthermore, all of the countries surveyed believed that their nation spends more on health care than it actually does.

Ipos collated these findings to come up with an "Index of Ignorance".

Rather worringly, four out of the five permanent members of UN security council are in the more ignorant half of the index.

We're sure you'll sleep easier now, knowing that the five authorised nuclear powers are not the sharpest tools in the international box.

Picture: Picture: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Thank the lord the United Kingdom remains a big player on the world stage and has no plans to withdraw from various levels of international cooperation. Oh wait...

The survey took in populations from 40 countries. Participants were aged 16-64. And a range of 500-1000 people were surveyed from each country.

In total: 27,250 interviews were conducted by Ipsos MORI between 22 September and 6 November 2016.

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