Ikea is reprinting its catalogue because it included 'negative stereotypes' of Black men

Ikea is reissuing its 2021 catalogue because it included an image which could “reinforce negative stereotypes” about Black men.

A full page in the 296-page book was dedicated to a picture of a young Black man wearing a t-shirt with a sequence of numbers across his back.

According to Quartz, an employee pointed out that the numbers could be misconstrued as serial numbers on a prison inmate’s uniform.

In a statement, a spokesperson for IKEA said:

After reviewing the photo, we agree that it could lend itself to negative interpretation and reinforce negative stereotypes.

They continued: “As a purpose-led organisation where diversity and inclusion are core values, IKEA strives to be a force for positive change in society. An important part of advocating for change is acknowledging and taking action when we get it wrong. We are committed to doing so in an open and transparent way.”

The catalogue was initially meant to be released in stores in August.

This has since been pushed back while they rip out pages 133-134 – the offending pages.

The website now has a corrected digital edition of the catalogue. In it, the same man appears without numbers on his shirts.

The physical catalogues, however, will be released later on in the year.

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