Six Imperial measurements that we use every day anyway

Six Imperial measurements that we use every day anyway
Tory MP says imperial measurements are part of our 'national heritage and ...

Just to confuse you a little bit more than usual - We might be getting imperial measurements back.

Now you might be thinking, did we ever lose them? And the answer is not really. But while Britain uses a mix of measurements at the moment, it is a legal requirement under a 2000 EU law to use metric units for the sale of fresh produce.

So, naturally, and making good on a pledge he made in 2019, Johnson is expected to announce next week that British shops will be allowed to sell products in pounds and ounces in time for the Platinum Jubilee.

We're sure she's thrilled and if she's not, Tory MPs like Mark Francois are certainly raving about the return to "freedom".

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Except, as we say, Britain already uses a mix of imperial measurements. It isn't exactly revolutionary to imagine popping into the shops to buy a pint of milk...

Or any of these products known by imperial measures:

Pint of beer

Yeah, you never go into the pub and ask for 568ml of lager, do you?

Pint of milk

<p>An assortment of milk. </p> Getty Images

Likewise with milk.


Small bottles of spirits like whiskey and vodka are also commonly referred to as 'quarts'.


Horses are measured in hands.


And while you can't buy them in the shops, most other people know their height and weight in the imperial system not metric so the imperial system is very much alive and kicking.


Similarly, the marathon is 26.2 miles not 40km - but maybe that makes it sound less daunting for those signing up.

So there you go, Johnson, thanks for entrenching an existing

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