In a few months our world leaders may be mostly female

Louis Dor
Friday 01 July 2016 11:40
Picture: JASON REED/AFP/Getty Images

In these changeable times, something to feel positive about.

The potential results of leadership contests, potential Labour coups and the US election could mean that we are facing an all female political future.

It's true. Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom are both currently running for the Tory leadership, while Angela Eagle is expected to announce a leadership challenge for the Labour party.

She resigned on Monday as shadow business secretary, telling Corbyn:

We need a leader who can unite the party.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon is the current first minister following reelection of an SNP government in May and Ruth Davidson is leader of the Conservatives, while Northern Irish first minister Arlene Foster was elected in January of this year.

Looking further afield from the UK, Hillary Clinton will run against Donald Trump until November for the United States presidency, while Angela Merkel was reelected in September 2013 as chancellor, for a term which lasts until 2017.

In Europe, Denmark and Norway have women prime ministers, while Malta, Lithuania and Croatia have presidents who are women.

Things could be looking up.

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