In Iraq, terrorists are unwilling reality TV stars

In Iraq, terrorists are unwilling reality TV stars

Welcome to Iraq, where Isis controls huge swathes of territory, car bombs have been virtually daily occurrences for years, and terrorists feature in hit reality TV shows.

In the Grip of the Law, funded by the government and broadcast on state TV, sees convicted terrorists confronted by the relatives of their victims.

In one scene Haider Ali Motar, a 21-year-old convicted over a string of car bombs in Baghdad, comes face to face with a family member who lost someone in the attacks.

"Give him to me - I'll tear him to pieces," the man says.

The show's presenter Ahmed Hassan said the programme "offers clear and conclusive evidence, with the complete story, presented and shown to Iraqi audiences".

But human rights groups are critical of the televised confessions featured in the show.

"The justice system is so flawed and the rights of detainees, especially those accused of terrorism (but not only) are so routinely violated that it is virtually impossible to be confident that they would be able to speak freely," said Donatella Rovera of Amnesty International.

Watch a clip from the show below:

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