In one picture: Why you shouldn't get on the wrong side of Ed Balls

This is bloodied and injured Northern Echo journalist Rob Merrick after a nasty looking tackle from Ed Balls.

Mr Merrick was playing football with the shadow chancellor at the Labour party's annual match against lobby journalists. According to the Press Association:

The pair were contesting a 50-50 ball on the edge of the Lobby penalty area when a stray elbow from Balls left a slash under the reporter's right eye. Mr Merrick had to leave the pitch for medical treatment as blood covered his shirt - but later returned to be named man-of-the-match.

  • James Tapsfield, Press Association Political Correspondent

The Labour team eventually lost the match 3-1.

After the match Mr Balls said: "I was about to score a brilliant goal in the top right hand corner. As I steadied myself to shoot Rob came piling in from behind attempting to nick the ball and came off worst."

Here's Ed Balls playing football over the years..






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