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Now that the UK is out of Europe you would have thought that a lot of that independence nonsense would have ceased to be but alas, it continues.

Take this man for instance. James Blake (no, not the musician) who wants England to be its own independent nation separate from the rest of the United Kingdom.

We're not entirely sure how Blake intends to achieve this goal but we think he might have already hit a snag with his marketing material.

We're not sure about you but the last time we checked Wales was not part of England and would unlikely be part of an independent England.

We can only imagine what the scenes would be in Cardiff, Swansea, Porthmadog and Abergavenny if Wales was suddenly made part of England.

As you can imagine, this image has earned a lot of attention on Twitter in the past few days, with many people pointing out the glaring error.

Mr Blake's campaign has been running for a little while now but and in the space of a few months has already had a change of direction, having originally included Wales in its message.

Also, the UK is apparently a dictatorship.

This has to be one of the most confusing things we've seen on Twitter in a long time but at least he has the support of those in Scotland.

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