People are saying the Independent Group appear to have no idea what they stand for... again

BBC and Twitter screengrab

Heidi Allen and Luciana Berger appeared on BBC’s Andrew Marr show to talk about their newly formed Independent Group.

Diving straight into questions, Marr wanted to get to the bottom of what this new group, made up of both Labour and Tory MPs, actually stood on a number of key issues.

Well, they’re not sure yet... still .

Marr began by asking about renationalising the railways and water – yes or no?

Heidi Allen said: “My gut instinct is ‘no,’ but like all of these things it needs to be built on evidence. Rather than choosing ideological solutions, what will work and what can we learn from other countries."

Interjecting, Berger, reminded Marr that the group is still new.

We are just six days in. We’ve taken the step to leave our parties. We haven’t even had our inaugural meeting.

For all of these policy decisions, the idea that you’re asking me through the prism of old politics, what we’re seeking to do is do this in a very different way.

“I’m trying not to be silly,” Marr responds, “But I also think and awful lot of people thinking about this new group are wondering what kind of things you’d stand for."

He went on by asking for something “definitive” they believed in, but they appeared to blunder through answers about tuition fees and top rate of tax, up to 50 pence for the richest people in the country. “Let’s base it on evidence,” Allen insisted.

The interview went down like a lead balloon online, with many criticising the lack of policies

Others are defending the group - insisting that they are new after all, and suggest giving them more time

Concerns were first brought up about The Independent Group's lack of cohesive stance on policy last week . Co-founder, Stretham MP Chuka Umunna defended the group and pointed out they'd only just left the Labour party.

You’re talking to me like I’m part of a new political party.

We’ve only just left the Labour party and if we’re saying we need an alternative politics, and we’re not just going to do things in the usual way, going straight to setting up a brand new party and a political movement on day two wouldn’t be wise.

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