Instagram apologises for removing mum's photo of her son


Harry Beswick is 12 years old and he has a condition that has left him with no left eye, eye socket, nostril or left ear.

It's called Goldenhar syndrome, and Mum Charlie writes on her blog that life taking care of Harry and his twin brother Oliver can be challenging at times, but always rewarding and full of love.

Charlie recently shared via Twitter that a recent picture of her and Harry had been removed from Instagram.

She claimed that Instagram had deemed the picture a breach of its guidelines.

Charlie says a user reported the photo to Instagram’s content moderation team.

She vented her frustration and disappointment on social media.

The photo has since been restored, and Instagram told the Guardian:

We mistakenly removed the photo, but quickly restored it as soon as the mistake was brought to our attention. We have apologized to the family.

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