Insulate Britain: Furious motorist wishes cancer on protester’s family as eco-warriors block London roads

Insulate Britain: Furious motorist wishes cancer on protester’s family as eco-warriors block London roads

Insulate Britain protesters are back once again, this time in central London.

The eco-warriors previously blocked major roads, including the M25 and M4, for 14 days over a five-week campaign before pausing their demonstrations almost two weeks ago.

Now they have returned to target some of London’s busiest roads including Upper Thames Street, Bishopsgate, Limehouse Causeway and Liverpool St.

Furious drivers have once again clashed with the protesters. Footage taken this morning shows a motorist telling an Insulate Britain protester that the blockades are preventing his father from receiving his cancer treatment.

In the video, he shouted: "Do you know what it’s like someone trying to get treatment for cancer and you’re standing like this? People are trying to get to hospital, of all places.

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“If anyone gets cancer please let it be your family, let you know what it feels like, all of you.”

Police were filmed dragging protesters out of the road this morning but to make it more difficult for them to be ushered away, some of the activists glued their hands and feet to the road.

One protestor took it a step further by glueing his face to the tarmac.

According to the Metropolitan Police, 52 people have been arrested during this morning’s demonstrations.

Insulate Britain — an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion — wants the government to insulate all UK homes by 2030 in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

Since their campaign began in September, social media has been full of videos showing drivers clash with protesters.

One of the most shocking videos shows a mum driving into protesters in her 4x4 as she tried to get her son to school. After the video went viral she claimed she was “standing up for her son” and explained that she was rushing to get to her job as a mental health specialist.

Another video that’s gone viral shows a furious driver tying a protester to a railing with an Insulate Britain banner.

Videos showing motorists dragging protesters out of the road are also everywhere on social media. Each time one protester is dragged away, another slips in to take their place.

It’s not just drivers that the protesters have been in hot water with.

The group received High Court injunctions ordering them to stop their road-blocking protests, but activists burned these documents outside the Royal Courts of Justice two weeks ago.

On Saturday transport secretary Grant Shapps said protesters will appear in court for “dangerous and self-defeating action along the M25.”

“They now face potential prison time,” he said.

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