Unfortunately, the International Space Station didn't just burn Trump


The subject of Donald Trump’s executive order ban is gaining momentum.

This weekend Federal judge James Robart blocked the executive order.

On Sunday the White House appealed the decision and requested to reinstate the ban.

A federal appeals court denied the request.

While the legal complexities and minutiae are dealt with - Donald Trump has been tweeting.

He decided to use the social network to criticise the judge who blocked the order and rant about the dangers of terrorism.

One of his Saturday tweets is getting more attention than most:

Specifically this, which appears to show the International Space Station offering to relocate him to outer space:

Did the International Space Station just deliver a smack down to destroy all other smack downs?

Well, no.

The New YorkPost spoke to John Yembrick, Nasa’s social media manager.

That tweet is fake. It’s just someone having fun.

Sad times.

To make up for this crushing disappointment, here's what honey in space looks like.

It should take your mind of things for at least a moment.

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