The internet dominates the western world, but how does it fare globally?

This map shows the proportion of people in every country with access to the web thanks to data from the Internet Telecomms Union.

An internet user is defined as person who accessed the Internet in the last 12 months from any device, including mobile phones.

Globally, Iceland has the highest percentage of internet users compared to their total population (98.2 percent), followed by Luxembourg (97.33 percent), Andorra (96.91 percent) and Norway (96.81 percent).

The countries who are online the least are Eritrea, Somalia and Niger.

Interestingly, the UK is 13th, with 92 percent of people accessing the internet in the last year.

Europe has the most people with internet access (80 percent), followed by North America (65 percent), South America (60 percent), Asia (42 percent) and Africa (25 percent).

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