(L) Scavino45/Twitter screengrab (R) Greg E. Mathieson Sr./Mai/Rex/Shutterstock

Sharing inaccurate or deliberately faked images from disasters is extremely dangerous.

You can spread misinformation and enable chaos.

On Sunday, the head of social media at the White House, Dan Scavino Jr., shared videos as it made landfall in Florida.

Scavino Jr. shared one video, which he claimed was from Miami International airport.

In the same tweet he also claimed to have shown the video to the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Picture: @Scavino45/Twitter and MotherJones screengrab

Miami International Airport tweeted to say the video shared by Scavino Jr. is not from the Florida airport.

Scavino Jr.'s original tweet has since been deleted.

He responded to the airport's account, writing:

The video was actually filmed in Mexico City in August.

Despite Scavino's mea culpa, Twitter still put in the hours to eviscerate him for sharing 'alternative facts'.

Always check before retweeting.

HT Mother Jones

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