Man filmed screaming Islamophobic abuse at woman on Canadian subway

Man filmed screaming Islamophobic abuse at woman on Canadian subway

A horrifying video has emerged of a man yelling Islamophobic abuse at a woman wearing a niqab on a Canadian subway.

The footage was captured by a Twitter user who goes by the name Aima Niqabae. She posted it to both Instagram and Twitter, explaining:

I got clocked on the platform waiting for the train, dis peep had a full on staring contest w/me then harasses 2 kids speaking Spanish and then I interject...

What follows is a disturbing diatribe from a white man sitting a few seats away. We do not see Aima in the video, but the suggestion is that she's wearing a niqab.

The man begins by saying he's "glad" she's "doing this" (recording the exchange, presumably) because she's "making the European people wake up".

She continues:

I'm part of an experimental society. No one asked me if I wanted to be part of a f***ing experiment in my own country. You wouldn't know though – you came from a monolithic homogeneous society. Now that you're in our society, adopt our norms and customs, or you should leave, go back to your country where you can practice your own norms and customs.

I would never go to your country and say: 'Be more Canadian.'

Aima then goes on to ask what, exactly, being Canadian means. To which he replies that it means:

  • "To speak English" (which Aima clearly does, given she was born in Canada)
  • "Respect gender equality" (yes, he literally says this while screaming at a woman on public transport)
  • "Believe in parliamentary democracy" (if we're getting pedantic, Canada actually has a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy)
  • "Liking hockey, basketball, baseball" (yes, really)

The man appears to get more and more irate, mocking her speech and saying it's "f***ing amazing" that she was born in Canada, that she doesn't deserve his respect, and that she's "bizarre" (before going off on a rant about how racism was "invented" in 1924 in Russia).

The video immediately sparked outrage on social media.

There were also people confusedly trying to justify his actions, suggesting it was due to a mental health condition.

It goes without saying that mental health issues do not cause (nor excuse) racism.

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