Woman at Israel music festival survived by hiding under dead bodies for 7 hours

Woman at Israel music festival survived by hiding under dead bodies for 7 hours
Israeli festival survivor who hid in bush recounts terrifying ordeal: 'I couldn't …
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A woman who survived the Hamas attack on a music festival in Israel hid under dead bodies for seven hours.

On Saturday 7 October, Hamas launched surprise attacks on Israel with one target including the musical festival, Supernova, killing hundreds of revellers.

Lee Sasi was at the all-night rave along with around 3,000 other party-goers when Hamas closed in sending the attendees fleeing for their lives as gunshots rang out.

Sasi took shelter with a group of around 35 others inside a bomb shelter, but they were discovered by Hamas fighters who started shooting inside the bunker.

She was one of 10 survivors to make it out of the bunker alive as they stayed hidden beneath dead bodies for hours.

i24news reporter Natasha Raquel Kirtchuk Gutman shared harrowing footage and messages she had received, sent from Sasi to a friend after her rescue, on her Instagram.

In the messages, Sasi explained, “30-35 people entered the shelter alive and only 10 came out alive”.

Sasi messaged her friend, writing: “The Arabs attacked the party and started shooting and throwing grenades into the bomb shelter that didn’t have any doors.

“15 grenades and 1000 (bullets) being shot. For 7 hours straight.”

In her messages, Sasi said she and the nine other survivors were rescued by “ex combats in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) war” after a number of harrowing hours.

IDF spokesperson Jonathan Conricus compared the surprise Hamas attacks on Israel to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor “wrapped into one” and said it was “by far the worst day in Israeli history”.

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