Last week, Bill Gates made international headlines from an interview with The Atlantic when he said that the private sector is too selfish and inefficient to produce effective energy alternatives to fossil fuels.

He suggested that government intervention was required to solve the problem of climate change.

A new survey has shown that a majority of respondents from seven countries said that the poor get poorer and the rich get richer in capitalist economies.

Over half of all respondents from the countries surveyed also agreed with the assessment that most of the biggest businesses worldwide had acted in a corrupt manner.

In the international survey by YouGov for the Legatum Institute, respondents were asked if they agreed with certain statements.

A) "The poor get poorer and the rich get richer in capitalist economies"
B) "Free enterprise is better at lifting people out of poverty than government"
C) "Most of the biggest businesses in the world have dodged taxes, damaged the environment or bought special favours from politicians"

More developed countries were less optimistic when it came to agreeing with the statement "The next generation will probably be richer, safer and healthier than the last".

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