Ivanka Trump tried to brag about her father’s economic achievements and it backfired badly

There are many parts of president Trump’s presidency that his offspring would probably rather forget. But these are moments his critics will treasure as he exits the White House next month (whether he agrees to it or not).

Yesterday, Trump’s daughter Ivanka  was reminded of one of these moments when a throwback post celebrating her father’s economic record backfired in a big way.

Looking back on a visit the president made a year ago to an Apple manufacturing plant in Texas, she took to Twitter to assert that her father had ‘created the most robust and inclusive’ economy in US history.

However, many were quick to remind her that despite the eventual forging of a relationship with the Apple CEO, he hasn’t always been the best at getting Tim Cook’s name right, having infamously referred to him as ‘Tim Apple’ during an advisory meeting last year.

Poor Tim was sitting right beside him… and he even had a name tag on.

He argued at the time that it was less of an error and more of a move towards efficiency, which raised many eyebrows.

Gaffe aside, it seems that many also disagreed with what Ivanka was trying to brag about in the first place, with evidence suggesting that even pre-Covid his economic performance was average at best.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Trump was never responsible for ‘opening’ the plant at that time, or the creation of new jobs – it has been making Apple products since 2012.

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