Ivanka Trump’s Thanksgiving message for her father badly backfired

Ivanka Trump’s Thanksgiving message for her father badly backfired
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Last week Americans celebrated Thanksgiving and said what they were thankful for in 2020 and also helped themselves to a healthy amount of turkey.

However, this year due to coronavirus, things were a little different for everyone across the United States. Many families who abided by social distancing and self-isolation rules were forced to stay apart and then there are the sad cases of those that have lost loved ones during the pandemic. 

Of course, things could have been a lot different if president Donald Trump had led a more effective response to Covid-19. The president has been heavily criticised for his handling of the pandemic which has led to the US having both the highest number of cases and deaths in the world. Even Trump himself had the virus, as well as many other members of his team and his eldest son Donald Trump Jr

In one of her Thanksgiving tweets, Ivanka Trump decided to pay tribute to her father, the president, stating that she was ‘Deeply thankful for our President and my father this holiday season!’

Ivanka has every right to say thanks for her father, but people took the opportunity to remind her that, as president, his recent actions leave a lot to be desired.

People reminded her of his apparent failure to handle the Covid-19 pandemic. Some lamented all the people who won’t get to spend Thanksgiving with their fathers because of how out of control the virus has spread. Others asked why she’s not encouraging her dad to officially concede the election, which he lost a month ago.

Ivanka has not spoken about the election since in detail since it was called in Joe Biden’s favour. The day before Biden was declared as president-elect, Ivanka did tweet that ‘every legal vote should be counted’ and ‘every illegal vote cast should be not’ but that has been the extent of any voter fraud claims she has engaged with. So there’s understandable anger that the adviser to the president doesn’t seem to be advising him to do the right thing and concede. 

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