Did Ivanka Trump just share her sex playlist on Spotify?

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The Trump's have something of an acquired taste in music.

During a visit to France a few months ago, Donald Trump certainly didn't appear to be a big fan of brass band rendition of Daft Punk.

The President also claimed that deceased tenor Luciano Pavarotti is a "great friend", despite allegedly demanding a refund after a 2002 concert.

You would think that the younger Trumps might have a better relationship with music than their old man...

Ivanka Trump recently made a five-song mix public on Spotify, and some people are convinced that it is a sex playlist.


This is hardly the height of music taste but the likes of John Legend, Bruno Mars and Adele aren't to be sniffed at.

For those under the impression this is a playlist for her and Jared Kushner in the bedroom, the inclusion of the thoroughly depressing You're Beautiful by James Blunt is an odd choice.

At least it wasn't Goodbye My Lover.

We aren't going to speculate about what these five songs say about Ivanka and Jared's love, but we can explore the popular theory that this truly is a 21-minute sex playlist.

The biggest indicator is that Ivanka dropped these romantic beats on October 15, just 10 days before her eighth wedding anniversary.

To counter that argument, the playlist was bizarrely named 991122, which is hopefully not a pin number or password.

The nature of the playlist was further thrown into speculation on Twitter when Ashley Feinberg of Huffington Postpointed out the absence of one key love making tune.

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