Ivanka Trump asked what she actually did in the White House after she posts farewell message
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Much like her father, this is also Ivanka Trump’s final day in the White House and she attempted to emulate the president by sharing a farewell speech on Twitter

Ivanka, who has served as an advisor to the president for the last four years has been one of the most criticised members of the administration for mostly being complicit in most of her father’s divisive rhetoric

The 39-year-old, who reportedly has political aspirations of her own, shared a message on Twitter on Tuesday claiming that it had been an “honour of a lifetime to server our nation as an advisor to the president.”

She added that she hopes “American can move forward in a positive way” and that she was in “awe of the compassion, grace and grit that exists across this nation.” She did at least extend her regards to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their other halves, which is something that her father has failed to do.

However, people were a little puzzled as to why Ivanka would share such a message as after four years they were still clueless as to what job she actually did in the White House.

Meanwhile, her calls for unity had also backfired mostly due to the recent violent scenes seen in the US capital.

The grammar could do with a once over too.

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