Unlike everyone else, Ja Rule is not a fan of the Fyre Festival documentaries.

In the past week, two films have been released by Hulu and Netflix telling the story of the creation and downfall of Fyre, the disastrous music festival that led to its co-founder Billy McFarland being jailed for fraud.

The documentaries show Ja Rule co-directing the marketing campaign for Fyre.

And in the aftermath, when visitors found the “luxury” Bahamas experience was never delivered, he is heard telling employees:

That’s not fraud, that’s not fraud. That is... I would call that false advertising.

The New York rapper responded to the documentaries on Twitter and denied he’d done anything wrong.

To be fair, he did succeed in creating a festival “like NO OTHER”.

He also tried to shift the blame to McFarland, suggesting the films were designed to make him look guilty.

His ridiculous defence quickly became a meme of its own.

Some users saw the documentaries as proof that 50 Cent was right about his long-running feud with the rapper.

Last year, 50 Cent claimed he bought 200 seats in the front row of a Ja Rule show just so they’d be empty.

And while Ja Rule has tried to claim he’s a victim from the documentaries, many people have argued the real victims are the Bahamian locals who weren’t paid for their work.

A fundraising page set up to help Maryann Rolle, the unpaid caterer at Fyre Festival, has already rasied over $125,000.

Although the Fyre documentaries have answered many questions around the festival, one big question still remains - why did so many people want to go to a festival with Blink 182 and Ja Rule in 2017?

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