Jacinda Ardern stars in hilarious video with the comedian who's been impersonating her for months

Comedian Melanie Bracewell’s impersonation of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is so spot on, even the PM herself agrees.

It all started when the comedian kept getting comments on social media saying that she looked like the NZ PM.

So, naturally, she made a makeup tutorial video of Ardern and threw on a jacket. It has since clocked over a million views on Tiktok.

Bracewell then did a lip sync to a speech of Ardern’s in parliament, a series of parody videos and even a recreation of the time the PM experienced an earthquake on live TV.

The videos eventually got the attention of Jacinda Ardern, who commented on one of the comedian’s posts:

You’ve done my makeup better than I do.

(That post also has more than one million views, just FYI.)

Then it finally happened – Bracewell met Ardern and the results were absolutely hilarious.

Speaking to the camera in a Tiktok video on Friday, the comedian said:

I obviously have a lot of fans out there so I like to get selfies with my fans sometimes.

Ardern then joined in the video and the pair put their arms around each other. The comedian then asked:

What’s your name?

Holding back laughter, the PM simply responded:


The video’s had more than 700,000 views at the time of writing and a whole host of supportive comments, like:

Jacinda is legit fan girling

Another responded:

that's amazing! cant even tell the difference

While a third replied:

Best collab of 2020

It didn’t stop there though. It looks like the pair bumped into each other at the airport on Sunday.

Ardern reportedly called out “Melanie!” in the middle of the airport and the comedian assumed it was a fan… but it was the New Zealand PM.

Name a more iconic duo.

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