Hilarious clip of Jacob Rees-Mogg struggling to open a bottle of water goes viral

On a list of popular MPs, Jacob Rees-Mogg is likely to be somewhere near the bottom of the list but there is no denying that he has given us some laughs, mostly at his expense.

Be it randomly standing in a field surrounded by rocks or becoming a meme after going for a lie down in the House of Commons, the haunted the Tory MP should probably take up a career as a clown when his time in politics is over.

Oh and there was that despicable time he inferred that the Grenfell fire victims lacked "common sense"...

Thankfully he has given us another addition to his growing repertoire of jokes courtesy of the latest BBC documentary from Laura Kuenssberg, titled The Brexit Storm Continueswhich is exactly what it says it is about.

One of the best moments of the documentary catches Rees-Mogg at a "Stand Up 4 Brexit" press conference do his best to try and open a bottle of water but fail miserably.

After a few seconds of trying his best to open the bottle, Rees-Mogg hands it off to "Brexit Hard Man" Steve Baker who lives up to his name and effortlessly opens the beverage.

Baker quips:

I do all the hard jobs in this partnership.

The scene from the documentary, which was only aired on Tuesday night has already gone viral with many people enjoying Rees-Mogg's embarrassing moment.

HT Mirror

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