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Jacob Rees-Mogg is a man of many talents and interests, most of which us mere mortals couldn't possibly comprehend. But we would be willing to bet money that if the population had to guess what his favourite flavour of crisp was we would say a sizable chunk of people would say "ready salted."

Well, no need to waste any money on such a ludicrous bet because the news has been confirmed to us by the man himself who posted a picture of himself on Twitter tucking into a packet of ready salter Walkers with a can of Pringles just to the side, possibly for dessert or as he put it "when I'm feeling extravagant."

This has all come about after The Grocer published an article on how brands can avoid being 'cancelled' after being inadvertently associated with an MP, highlighting the recent mocking of chancellor Rishi Sunak after he was snapped in an awkward picture of his supposedly making a cup of tea for his team.

In the piece, they use a fictional example of Rees-Mogg eating ethically-sourced crisps and then people online calling for a boycott of that particular brand.

Someone in Rees-Mogg's team clearly saw this and got the Tory MP to pose with a set a crisp and in as sure as art imitates life, Rees-Mogg was soon being mocked on Twitter for his strange photograph.

Martin Daubney, of the Brexit Party, had a unique take on it. As anyone heard from Lineker yet?

Or even Mariah Carey?

Regardless of the crisps, why does Rees-Mogg appear to share his office with a demon?

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