People are reminding Bolsonaro of all the times he said coronavirus was a ‘hoax’ now he’s tested positive

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro has tested positive for Covid-19.

It had been reported several days ago that the far-right president was experiencing symptoms, but he told reporters today that he’d taken a test and it had come back positive.

Bolsonaro has repeatedly trivialised the pandemic and resisted social distancing, even as Brazil became the worldwide hotspot after the United States. It was also reported that criminal gangs were enforcing lockdown, in the absence of leadership from his government.

In March, Bolsonaro bragged that, if he did contract the disease, he’d shake it off quickly because of his “athlete’s background”.

And he’s also made comments about Covid-19 being a “little flu” and even a media hoax.

In March, he accused the media of “tricking” citizens about the dangers of coronavirus.

Naturally, people have wasted no time reminding the president of the time he called this very serious virus a “media trick”.

Particularly seeing as he has a long history of racist, sexist and homophobic comments...

Perhaps his brush with Covid-19 will encourage the Brazilian president to take coronavirus more seriously. Though sadly the same can’t exactly be said for other world leaders who’ve contracted the disease… like a certain someone from the UK.

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