Tory MP James Brokenshire has become a hilarious meme because he owns four ovens

James Brokenshire/Twitter

The government's housing, communities and local government secretary has surprisingly been mocked in the past 24 hours for his rather excessive kitchen.

James Brokenshire and his wife, Cathy, appeared in a Sunday Times feature complete with a picture of the couple in their kitchen which clearly has four ovens installed in it.

According to the MP, Cathy "hates it when comes Christmas, there's not enough room in the oven" which is fair enough but the Brokenshire's soon found themselves being mocked for their four ovens.

Perhaps sensing that his kitchen, which also contains two dishwashers was being ridiculed, Brokenshire tweeted a picture of him holding a cake and poking fun at his own ovens.

We can't begrudge Brokenshire having a little fun at his own expense but the internet being the internet soon started to make memes and jokes about the Tory MP and his kitchen.

Others took exception to the fact that he only said that there were two ovens in the picture (it's perfectly possible that two of these are microwaves or of the extravagant 'double oven' variety but you try telling the internet that).

And there is also the worrying fact that the ovens appear to have the wrong time settings...

Finally, Brokenshire is either very fond of a victoria sponge cake or he really loves this photo.

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