This MP is trying to dad-joke his way to re-election


Since Theresa May called for a general election, incumbent MPs up and down the country have been devising their campaign strategies for re-election.

Some old hands may simply remind the constituents everything they've done for them. Those in a swing seat may find themselves at the heart of a national campaign.

One MP, James Cleverly, the member for Braintree, is making a pitch on Twitter that has caught quite a few people's attention.

People contested whether it was inappropriate to tweet, given the Westminster terrorist attack which recently took place on the bridge.

Others thought it was not offensive.

Either way, he's continued his tone:

He gathered a bit of criticism, but made a fair counterpoint to critics who said he wasn't producing a sensible argument against Labour:

And to his credit, he also cited some serious pledges:

Cleverly won the Braintree seat with a majority of 35 per cent, increasing the majority by 2.2 per cent on Brooks Newmark's 2010 result.

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