Were less than a month away from Brexit actually, finally happening and let's be honest is proving to be a bit of a damp squib.

At this current moment, the biggest debate about Brexit is whether Big Ben will bong at the very moment the UK has actually left the EU on January 31.

It's a far cry from the days of £350 million-a-week for the NHS, returning sovereignty and 'taking back control.'

LBC Radio's James O'Brien, who has been one of the most passionate critics of Brexit, long before it even began has not given up the fight against leaving the EU.

On the Wednesday morning edition of his show, O'Brien took a few moments to point out the glaringly obvious differences between the Brexit of 2016 and the Brexit of 2020.

He started with a comment on Boris Johnson and the current government:

I'm not going to lie to you. I find the current incumbents of Downing Street almost irredeemably awful. I pray that I can spend the next five years being slowly persuaded that just because they have been lying through their teeth doesn't necessarily mean that just because they have achieved the highest office in the land that they are going to carry on lying through their teeth and make everything worse than it needs to be.

He used this to segue into his point about Brexit and what people actually voted for.

If you think I'm exaggerating, think about this. What did you order when you voted for Brexit?

You ordered £350-million-a-week for the NHS. You ordered a long, long list of trade deals that were demonstrably superior to the ones we already have.

You order the German car industry ensuring that we would be able to keep all the benefits of European Union membership but none of the responsibilities.

You probably ordered a couple of unicorns and a shiny new passport and something about fish that you never really understood. 

Sovereignty. Oh and the European Union was going to collapse as a direct result of the Brexit vote which you called, at the time, the domino effect. 

Then came the kicker about what Brexit has actually delivered.

Anything else on that list of things you ordered? OK because they've delivered it now and what did you get?

You got a border in the Irish sea and a crowd funder for some bongs that probably can't happen because the clock's not ready.

Sometimes the truth is a little hard to swallow and, for some, the reality about Brexit is starting to hit home.

Judging by what O'Brien send when he tweeted out the video of this speech it would appear that Brexiteers aren't even sure what they should be celebrating.

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