LBC host James O'Brien goes on magnificent rant in support of striking Tube staff

LBC radio host James O'Brien is not exactly backwards about coming forwards and the latest subject of his ire is the mainstream media, who he accused of misrepresenting the issues at stake in this week's Tube strike.

In defence of the striking Tube drivers O'Brien fired shots at those he accused of ignoring how London Underground is trying to force through changes to hours and pay ahead of the 24 hour Tube launch in September without consulting workers. We live in a time when "employers now have more control over our lives than at any point since the Second World War", he added.

You've got a job, you've got terms and conditions - your boss turns around and says 'oh no you don't, you'll do what you're told or you can jog on'... If that was you, I'd be furious, and I'd be furious on your behalf - and lots of people would be furious on your behalf, and they'd all be completely ignored by the mainstream media and called 'communists' by the usual suspects.

In the three minute rant worthy of some of his other fiery moments, like his infamous takedown of Ukip leader Nigel Farage over immigration, O'Brien went for the jugular when it came to the "effort being put into persuading us that the people causing us problems live next door to us or below us on the food chain":

What I really don't know is how we have ended up hating people who can still take a swing back at their boss. We've been reduced to craven, forelock-tugging peasants who have to do what we're told because if we don't, well, there's someone else who'll take the job, or you can get something else to do, or you're indulging in the politics of envy, or you're a champagne socialist.

We have created a society in which employers now enjoy more control over our lives than at any point since the Second World War... We have created a country where when the boss says 'jump' you can't say no, you can't say yes, you can only say 'how high?' unless you're a member of a half-decent union, like the teachers are, and the firefighters are, and the Tube drivers are.

Shots. Fired.

Listen to O'Brien in full below:

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