Brexit: Tory councillor tries to argue that travelling in Europe with a visa will be better than without... it didn't go well

LBC Radio's James O'Brien is one of the most outspoken critics of Brexit and the politicians that convinced the British public to vote leave two years ago.

Despite people constantly being caught out on his radio show, Brexiteers continue to call in to express their views to him only to be sent off with their tail between their legs.

The latest victim of this was a Tory councillor named Gareth from Amber Valley in Derbyshire, who wanted to tell O'Brien just why he thought the UK would be OK in 10 years time, once Brexit has fully taken hold on the country.

His reason was, get this, that UK citizens will be alright because we'll be able to do all the things that we can currently do in the EU but with a Visa.

Previously Gareth, who used to live in France, had tried to justify leaving as a good idea because of "roads in Ireland that lead to nowhere" and that "we can have a better relationship with France as a third country" but this point is what O'Brien pulled him up on.

What you're doing now is telling me that it will be better 10 years from now because what you can currently do without a visa you'll be able to do with a visa.

How do you think you've ended up doing this on national radio. How is visa-free travel somehow inferior to visa-necessary travel.

Gareth then tries to tell a story about when he went to the United States last summer on an ESTA, which costs money, not a lot of money but it is still a hoop that you have to jump through.

O'Brien replies:

And if you'd had gone to France you wouldn't have jump through that hoop so now you are arguing that hoops are better than no hoops.

That's right, a Brexiteer is admitting that he'd rather pay more to go on holiday than pay nothing at all.

It really does beggar belief.


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