In the coming weeks Donald Trump is expected to sign in a number of executive orders; including one to build a wall on the Mexican border, as well as a temporary ban on refugees coming from a number of Muslim countries, notably Syria.

The temporary ban is likely to last until Homeland Security put 'extreme vetting' processes in place for immigrants leaving countries in the Middle East.

Across the pond, ‘Vaz’ from Hatfield agrees with the president’s sentiments.

So much so, he called James O’Brien’s LBC show to say the UK should be vetting Muslims to find out which ones are terrorists.


O’Brien had a simple response.

‘Vet. Me’.

Vaz’s first question was “simple”:

What school did you go to? If you went to the king Fahad school in London, I would not let you in.

Vaz cited the controversial London school, which was embroiled in a textbook controversy about in 2007.

O'Brien called him out on that:

Are you suggesting that if I went to a certain school I believe everything I have been taught?

Well, that's one way of finding out, according to Vaz. After a few moments of bumbling, he continued on bravely with the second question:

Are you a Muslim or a Christian?


O’Brien says he’s a Christian, to which Vaz sagely says:

I don’t think a Muslim would ever lie about that.

Picture:Picture: LBC/screengrab

O'Brien pointed out the caller's lack of logic.

'If you tell me you’re a Muslim, you can’t come into America but I don’t think anyone is going to lie about it'. Okay.

The back and forth continued, with Vaz’s explanations dissolving into incoherence, the highlight of which was when, in frustration, he interrupted himself to ask if there was a point to the conversation.

And then, after he exhausted all avenues, heavy, awkward silence descended upon the phone call.

Picture:Picture: LBC/screengrab

Vaz ends by citing an incident when he was vetted - the police asked him about his views on Palestine - to which he concludes.

The questions they should be asking is what school you went to!


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