Dogs in Japan are wearing fans to help keep themselves cool in the heat

Dogs in Japan are wearing fans to help keep themselves cool in the heat
Japanese Dogs Wear Quirky-Looking Fans to Help Stay Cool

A clothing designer has made wearable fans for dogs in Japan to keep them cool as summer temperatures soar.

The mesh outfit features an 80-gram integrated battery-operated fan that helps to circulate cool air around the animal to keep it cool.

The innovative outfits were designed by Rei Uzawa, the president of the maternity clothing company Sweet Mommy, who collaborated with a veterinarian on the design.

The Cool Dog range can also be used for cats and seems to be based on fan-fitted jackets that have become commonplace among construction workers and others who have to be outside for extended periods of time during a heatwave.


She explained that the idea came to her when she saw how tired her Chihuahua was getting when out for walks in the summer heat.

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During the UK’s recent heatwave, experts advised dog owners to take their dogs for walks early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the peak mid-day heat that in some places reached 40 degrees.

But in Japan, humidity means that even overnight, temperatures are seldom dropping below 25 degrees, according to NHK.


In Tokyo this year, the rainy season ended early and gave way to a heatwave at the end of June where temperatures reached 35 degrees celsius for nine days in a row.

Uzawa said: “There was almost no rainy season this year, so the hot days came early.”

Speaking to Reuters, a Japanese dog owner explained they had tried to cool down their miniature poodle, Purin, and terrier, Moco, with packs of dry ice, but added, “it’s easier to walk my dogs with this fan”.

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