Jason Momoa apologises for Mueller report drama: 'That was an accident'

Chelsea Ritschel
Thursday 09 May 2019 20:00
Jason Momoa apologises for being more interesting than the Mueller report (YouTube)

Jason Momoa has apologised for his beard being more interesting than the release of the highly anticipated Mueller report.

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the former Game of Thrones star was asked about the video of him shaving his beard - which went viral last month, the same day as the findings from the investigation into possible Russian interference.

According to the talk show host, the video was so popular it was “over-trending” the report.

“Man did you cause shock waves around the world when you shaved your beard,” DeGeneres joked. “It was over-trending the Mueller report.”

The actor admitted he was 'sorry' (YouTube)

In response, Momoa tried his hand at modesty.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” he said. “That was an accident.”

Fortunately, the Aquaman actor’s good looks weren’t the only explanation for his stealing the spotlight - as he filmed the video to raise awareness for the launch of Mana Nalu, a new line of canned water.

The product was created with the intention of ending single-use plastic and saving the planet.

“I just wanted to bring awareness,” Momoa said. “I’m Aquaman and I have all these beautiful little kids coming up to me. I want to save the planet from single-use plastics.”

The cans, which are made of aluminium, are able to be recycled in as little as 60 days and will hopefully have a more positive lasting impact than the Mueller report did.