People are obsessed with this selfie of Jason Momoa towering over Ireland's 78 year-old president Michael D Higgins

It’s often the case that the worlds of celebrity and politics collide. But some encounters are, shall we say, odder than others.

One of the stranger celebrity-politics crossover events happened at the UN Climate Summit, when actor Jason Momoa (aka Aquaman) was photographed with Ireland’s president Michael D. Higgins.

Momoa was delivering a speech at the summit, which Higgins was attending on behalf of Ireland.

The encounter is especially funny because Higgins - a favourite on social media - is just five feet and three inches tall. This means that, if the Internet is to be believed, he’s a whole foot smaller than Momoa, who towers over most people at six foot three.

On social media, people loved this incredibly random encounter. Particularly considering the huge height difference between the pair.

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