Jeb Bush claps back at Trump for demanding investigation of dead father

Jeb Bush claps back at Trump for demanding investigation of dead father
Jeb Bush mulling 2016 presidential run

Former Florida governor and 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has clapped back at President Donald Trump's demands for an investigation into his late father, former President George H.W. Bush.

Speaking at a rally Sunday evening (9 October) in Arizona, Trump claimed that George H.W. Bush transported "millions and millions of documents" to a former bowling alley that was also "pieced together" with what was "a broken Chinese restaurant" at the time.

"They put them together. And it had a broken front door and broken windows. Other than that, it was quite secure," Trump said.

The former commander-in-chief was seemingly referencing that so that he could justify why keeping documents at Mar-a-Lago was acceptable.

While the National Archives did sort Bush documents for his presidential library in a heavily secured facility that was a former bowling alley and restaurant - that's far different to how Trump portrayed the scene.

A senior official once explained how a secure space was created in the larger warehouse to house classified documents.

On Sunday, Jeb took to his Twitter to jokingly hit back at Trump.

"I am so confused. My dad enjoyed a good Chinese meal and enjoyed the challenge of 7 10 split. What the heck is up with you?" he tweeted, noting the bowling outcome where the player has left two pins while eyeing a spare.

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One person wrote: "Jeb Bush trash-talking Trump on Twitter. Never thought I'd see that."

"Ok, Jeb! did a funny," another added while a third wrote:

"It's funny, but it's really NOT funny. This man should be locked up for slander and libel ALONE. Somebody, please make him SHUT UP."

Someone else added: "And just like that, I'm agreeing with Jeb Bush. Today is wild already.

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Since Jeb's 2016 campaign, Trump had frequently attacked him for having "low energy," the Daily Beastreported.

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