Jeep puts Muslim woman in Super Bowl ad, world ends for some people

US carmaker Jeep managed to make a very small minority of the internet angry by daring to show a picture of a Muslim woman in its Super Bowl advert.

Set to the tune of traditional folk song This Land is Your Land, the ad features familiar American landscapes before moving across the world (it's all about globalisation see... and selling cars).

But the inclusion of a headscarf-wearing Muslim woman was apparently too much for some people.

Meanwhile, on YouTube, that bastion of rational thought, one user wrote: "Who is in the advertising department? Fire them. This is an American song. AMERICAN. Why showing other foreign countries? Not only that I think it's an insult to show Muslim women, rather anything muslim related."

Other people weren't best pleased, but for different reasons.

While some were just happy with a neutral portrayal of a Muslim person in a high profile advert.

Watch the ad below:

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