How Labour is failing under Jeremy Corbyn, in 8 charts


Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader, is doing appallingly in the polls.

When the public is asked who would be a better Prime Minister, all demographics other than those who intend to vote Labour in the next election, reply "Theresa May".

Scotland overwhelmingly thinks a Conservative leader is a better prime minister. 18-25 year olds think a Conservative leader is a better prime minister.

Even Labour voters in 2015 prefer the Conservative leader.

Staggeringly, 15 per cent of those who intend to vote Labour in the next election say "May".

While Corbyn has been in office, Labour's standing in the polls has experienced an ongoing decline:

And while this has been the case for Labour prior to Corbyn's time in office...

Corbyn's leadership is only contributing to the downward slope...

... As his individual approval ratings among demographics show.

His net approval in Scotland was last clocked by YouGov at -43.

He's not winning back Scotland.

It's obvious that the wider electorate are not warming to Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party, compared to other new party leaders.

So how does he fare compared to the journeys of recent Labour leaders?

Here is how he compares to Brown and Miliband in terms of voting intention, both of whom lost an election:

And here's how all three leaders affected net change in vote intention:

In short, Jeremy Corbyn is tanking Labour faster than Ed Miliband ever did.

If he can turn it around, great.

Given how he's been received by the nation up to this point, and how he's alienated Remain voters and Scotland - you shouldn't count on it.

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