People can't decide whether or not Jeremy Corbyn called Theresa May a 'stupid woman' at PMQs

People can't decide whether or not Jeremy Corbyn called Theresa May a 'stupid woman' at PMQs

Prime Minister’s Questions was particularly heated today – but not because of Brexit and the prospect of a no deal.

Instead, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is being demanded to apologise after he appeared to call Theresa May a ‘stupid woman.’

The prime minister had made fun of the leader of the opposition after impassioned exchanges, telling him to ‘look behind you.’

It is at this point he appears to have used the phrase. The microphone at the Commons hadn’t picked up what he said, though he appeared to have mouthed the insult.

What followed was precious minutes spent by Conservative MPs demanding Labour apologise for the alleged slight - political editor to the Guardian Heather Stewart, says Corbyn's spokesperson said the Labour leader hadn't called the PM a stupid woman.

Speaker John Bercow, who had not seen the alleged incident, could not ‘immediately’ rule on what happened, but said he would be happy to see proof of what he said in the form of tweets and or a clip.

The incident prompted many to take to Twitter about it.

Some people were sure that he called her a 'stupid woman.' Others, not so much

According to Labour sources, Corbyn didn't say 'woman'

And Andrea Leadsom questioned why the same fervour wasn't given to an incident a few months ago - when the speaker John Bercow called her stupid

However, the consensus online seemed to be that their focus was off

There are less than 100 days until the Brexit deadline.

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