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The House of Lords is a place of staunchly mixed opinion.

On one hand, you've got lifelong Tories like Michael Heseltine who is a committed Remainer and then you have Digby Jones who is such a die-hard Brexiteer that he's probably pre-ordered his blue passport already.

The former head of the CBI has pulled off a few pro-Brexit stunts in the past such as taking a hamper of 'British food' to the Brussels earlier this year and even called his fellow Brexiteer, Boris Johnson an "irrelevance and offensive person."

Imagine being so for Brexit, that you don't even like Boris Johnson? That's pretty hardcore stuff.

Well, like some Brexiteers the reality and the various implications of leaving the EU without a significant deal in place are yet to sink in for Lord Jones, who is a crossbencher.

After reading that it will cost Brits an extra €7 to travel to EU member states after March 29, 2019, Jones got a little upset and went on a bit of Twitter rant asking why his relatives weren't charged said amount during the First and Second World Wars, before criticising a second referendum.

As we all know by now any Brexiteer who complains about basic EU laws, like freedom of movement, getting taken away from them, usually gets rinsed online and we're happy to report that this was certainly the case here.

His world war metaphor about his family doesn't appear to be very well researched, true or even make the slightest bit of sense.

This isn't the first time that he has misunderstood what 'freedom of movement' means.

He's also completely contradicting something that he said shortly after the results of the 2016 referendum.

Just a small reminder that this is the man who believes that it will take the UK 100 years to come to terms with Brexit. Yeah...an entire century. Good luck with that everyone.

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