Jeremy Hunt called out after claiming he 'delivered the London Olympics' in 2012

Jeremy Hunt called out after claiming he 'delivered the London Olympics' in 2012

In a little under a week's time, the United Kingdom will have a new prime minister, as the Tory leadership race between Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson will be over.

With just days to go, both men are touting their biggest achievements to try and appeal to voters.

While Johnson is doing everything he can to stop himself from putting his own foot in it, Hunt is making some bold claims about the 2012 London Olympic games.

During part of his campaign teams takeover of his Twitter account, they claimed that Hunt was responsible for 'delivering the London Olympics in 2012'.

The problem here is not that Hunt is telling a big fib, but the way that he stated said fact. Hunt was partially responsible for part of the games as he was the culture secretary at the time.

Hunt oversaw security for the event and even increased the budget for Danny Boyle's acclaimed opening ceremony, but to claim that he 'delivered the games' is a bit of stretch that some people were more than happy to call out.

Hunt's involvement with the Olympics wasn't without controversy.

During a 2016 BBC documentary about the games, it was alleged that team behind the opening ceremony was put under pressure by Hunt to remove anything political from the occasion, including the now-infamous mention of the NHS. Hunt has denied this accusation.

Elsewhere, there were claims that Hunt wanted Adolf Hitler to be included in the ceremony as an example of Britain's triumph over fascism, but Boyle and his colleague Stephen Daldry blocked the suggestion on the grounds of 'taste'. Daldry told the BBC:

We did have stand-offs. There were moments, big moments… It was like ‘Where’s the war? We won, we beat the fascists. Where’s the war?'

Jeremy Hunt wound up the prime minister to a certain extent. They were very concerned with Britain’s role in defeating fascism.

As you can imagine, there was more than one mention of this following Hunt's claim about the Olympics.

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