Jeremy Hunt says general election would be 'catastrophic for the Tories' should they fail to deliver Brexit

Jeremy Hunt says general election would be 'catastrophic for the Tories' should they fail to deliver Brexit

A little over two years ago, Theresa May called a snap general election and it didn't go according to plan for the Conservatives.

After losing their majority in the House of Commons they were forced into a precarious confidence and supply agreement with the DUP, which has gone as well as you could've imagined.

Now, amidst all the Brexit chaos going on in Westminster, the Tories are facing the very real prospect of failing to deliver Brexit, after the deadline for leaving the EU was pushed back until 31 October.

This still doesn't make things easy for the government, who could very well have to call a second referendum or another election and, according to the foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, the latter would be "catastrophic".

Speaking on a late night edition of ITV's politics show Peston, Hunt said that by not delivering Brexit, the government wouldn't stand a chance in a public vote on their leadership.

It would be absolutely catastrophic to for us to face the people again in a general election, which was our central promise.

Hunt added that he believed that the only way the Tories could possibly succeed was to "turn around" it's average voter age, which is now said to be above the age of 51.

He also elaborated on what it would take for the current Brexit deal to be approved by parliament.

The reality is that to get the Brexit deal through, the withdrawal agreement bill has to be ratified and it is the contents of that bill which will constitute any cross-party agreements that allows parliament to vote that through.

So, it will be a matter of the law not a matter of good faith. 

With the government in disarray and the Tories now trailing Labour in some opinion polls, Hunt's words, as you can imagine, have gone down a treat with Tory critics, with others calling him out for ducking the blame on the Brexit debacle.


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