Jeremy Vine makes important point after sharing anti-vaxxer petition calling for him to be sacked

Jeremy Vine makes important point after sharing anti-vaxxer petition calling for him to be sacked

Jeremy Vine isn't exactly everyone's favourite broadcaster but even he can spot something which is morally wrong and dangerous.

On both his BBC Radio 2 show and Channel 5 talk show, Vine has been challenging anti-vaxxers who have been attempting to spread conspiracy theories on the airwaves.

Given his influence on day time TV and radio, Vine's opposition to anti-vaxxers has prompted some controversy from that movement and they are attempting to do something about it.

A petition has been launched on to have Vine removed from his position in the media due to his 'continued biased reporting on vaccines.'

A post on the page, which has collected just 536 signatures at the time of writing says:

Jeremy Vine has continually taken a very biased pro-vaccine approach on both his radio and tv shows.

He doesn't appear to do any research and is always ready to slander the opposition without having a fair and just discussion.

On his show on the 17th April the topic for discussion was 'unvaccinated kids being made to wear a badge' this type of discrimination is totally unjustified and should not be perpetuated by a mainstream radio show.

He has also been driving the topic of unvaccinated kids not being allowed to go to school.

He would appear to have done very little research on the topic and is clearly using journalism to sensationalise. The man is a menace.

In these type of circumstances, we wouldn't share a link to a petition like this as we wouldn't want to promote these kind of conspiracies but Vine himself has chosen to share it, highlighting the actual need to spread awareness of this issue.

In a tweet posted on Sunday, Vine admitted that he wouldn't usually share a petition calling for his sacking but added that 'this feels like one I should be proud of'

This proved to be a shrewd and astute move by Vine, who soon started to receive praise for his work on vaccinations and calling out anti-vaxxers.

Vine isn't the only notable personality to take a stance against anti-vaxxers. LBC Radio's James O'Brien recently called out a caller out live on air and even Donald Trump has called for people to get injections to combat measles.

The crowdfunding site has also banned anti-vaxxers from obtaining funds to make documentaries on the subject.

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