Labour MP Jess Phillips isn't everyone's cup of tea but there is no denying that she has bagfuls of charisma and isn't scared to say what is on her mind.

Unfortunately, this often results in Phillips becoming a target of abuse by online trolls who aren't happy with a woman who is confident in saying what is bothering her.

In the past, she has been threatened with sexual abuse which she has defiantly spoken out against. Now the trolls have taken to using her inbox as a dumping ground for vitriol.

On Sunday evening, she shared a screenshot of an email that she had received which quite frankly contained phrasing that we would be embarrassed to write here, not to mention a quite sickening level of needless hatred.

However, rather than bemoan the individual who sent it and report them to the authorities, Phillips posted a simple eight-word tweet that perfectly summed up how childish this sort of abuse is.

Phillips's small but simple counter to the troll has seen her win praise online with others also sending their thoughts to her.

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