Jill Stein's reaction to Fidel Castro's death was widely condemned


Fidel Castro's death was met with mixed reaction around the world, many paying respects to a revolutionary icon, while noting human rights atrocities that occured under his rule as a leader, up until a decade ago.

The Human Rights Watch report on Cuba, which lists the county's ongoing abuses to citizens' human rights, includes the following on arbitrary detentions and short-term imprisonment :

The government continues to rely on arbitrary detention to harass and intimidate individuals who exercise their fundamental rights.

The country’s independent human rights group received more than 7,188 reports of arbitrary detentions from January to August 2014.

Detention is often used pre-emptively to prevent individuals from participating in peaceful marches or meetings to discuss politics.

The report also points out restrictions on travel and freedom of expression, poor prison conditions and the taking of political prisoners, among other issues:

Green candidate for the President of the United States Jill Stein took to Twitter to show her reaction to the news:

Which was widely seen as a political mis-step:

Jill Stein has called for a recount of the presidential election in Wisconsin, arguing:

We are using voting machines that have been proven to be highly vulnerable to hacking. In an election riddled with hacking - of voter databases, the Democratic Party database, and private emails - our voting machines have been an invitation to tampering and malfeasance.

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