A CNN reporter is now referring to Fox News as the ‘bulls**t factory’

A CNN reporter is now referring to Fox News as the ‘bulls**t factory’
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A CNN reporter is not pulling any punches and has referred to rival broadcaster Fox News as a “bulls**t factory”.

Speaking about the outlet aggregating an incorrect and retracted New York Postarticle claiming that migrant children were given copies of Kamala Harris’ picture book, Superheroes Are Everywhere, Jim Acosta slammed Fox News for promoting it and said:

“This [story] was USDA Grade A bulls**t and the reporter who wrote the story resigned claiming she was forced to make it up. But the damage was done, pumped out over the airwaves at the bulls**t factory also known as Fox News.”

The Post story falsely claimed that migrant children were being given a copy of the vice president’s book, which she wrote in 2019, as part of their welcome kit. In reality, one copy happened to be donated to migrants, by a private individual and not the taxpayer as the story claimed. After a backlash ensued led by fact-checkers, the reporter responsible for the story resigned:

But talking about the impact of misinformation, Acosta urged people to recognise the dangers of fake news and touched on the 6th January Capitol Riot as an example of a time in which lies can lead to extreme consequences. He said:

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“Now you may want to laugh this off, as the old saying goes, while the truth is still lacing up its boots but the lies these days are moving at the speed of light while spreading so much darkness.

“Remember, lies, big lies can have terrible consequences. Just four months ago we all witnessed the fallout about the ‘Big Lie’ about the election … and it should’ve served as an a lesson on how lives can kill. They travel at the speed of light and spread too much darkness.”

In a later broadcast, Fox News admitted that the story was “not accurate” but still posed questions about the book, for whatever reason and speculated that NGOs were donating it but would be better placed donating other items.

Regardless, critics of Fox News were very happy to hear Acosta’s unfiltered reporting on the conservative network.

Acosta appears to have created a trend here as Ana Navarro-Cárdenas later repeated the line.

No doubt Fox will be up in arms about this.

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